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Scottish Business News –Summarised

growth : funding : entrepreneurial activity

Weekly curated collection of Scottish business stories straight to your inbox. No fluff, no puff and no PR spin – all in a 10 minutes read.

“20 short summaries, all you need, found Aberdeen ones useful. A quick read and does what it says on the tin. Well done.”
Aberdeen businessman
“'The Summary' distills complex information into clear, concise nuggets, providing an invaluable snapshot of key players and movements within the Scottish business community. 'The Summary' is more than just a newsletter—it's a vital tool for anyone invested in the prosperity and progress of Scotland's business sphere.”
Michelle McClure
Founder of Hoojy Marketing
“Came across a cracking new - and mercifully brief - email newsletter today for anyone interested in what's happening across the Scottish business sector. Called The Summary, it gives you a quick burst of the main business stories of the week. Not only is it ideal if you're time-pressed, it's also great for letting you just dip into the various verticals in Scotland, without being bogged down. (Great UX as well - incredibly clutter free.)”
Craig McGill
EMEA Communications Lead 8x8